Optical Materials & Glass Substrates

PG&O has a vast inventory of thin film coated optical materials and glass substrates in stock, readily available for quick turnaround. We also have the capability of customizing your order, based on your exact specifications. Please call us at 714.540.0126 for more information on customized orders.

New materials include Finished Infrared Optics that utilize several infrared materials and operate from 0.75 µm to 15 µm and Sapphire Optics, designed for broad-spectrum tasks under extreme environmental conditions.

Our in-stock materials include BK7, fused silica, heat-reflecting mirrors, indium tin-oxide (ITO), plate beamsplitters, mirror aluminized glass, ultraviolet cold mirrors, and more. PG&O's thin glass substrates include Borofloat™, PPG-Starphire, AF-37, Glaverbel float, Eagle2000™, B-270, and others. For more information on these materials and products, please click the links below.

Glass Substrates

New Materials
Infrared (0.75 µm to 15 µm)
Sapphire (Visible to Infrared)

    In addition to our extensive inventory of materials, we are also able to procure and manufacture all of the optical materials from Schott, Ohara, Hoya and Tosoh.

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